“Der Menschheit Würde ist
in eure Hand gegeben.
Bewahret sie!
Sie sinkt mit euch;
mit euch wird sie sich heben!”

- Friedrich von Schiller, Die Künstler
Über uns

In English we read Macbeth for Kids, an adapted version of the original Shakespeare play. The entire class liked the play, so we decided that we would perform it. To rehearse the play, we (6e) held a drama day, so everybody could learn how their role acts and what kind of a character they would play. For the performance each and every one of us made their own costume or had responsibilities backstage such as lighting, sound, prompting etc. - there was lots to do! 

We rehearsed again and presented the outcome in front of the upper years. We hope everyone liked it – our class had a lot of fun and loved performing the play. 

Written by Elisabeth and Ida from class 6e.

Mac Beth 1

Mac Beth 2

Mac Beth 3