“Der Menschheit Würde ist
in eure Hand gegeben.
Bewahret sie!
Sie sinkt mit euch;
mit euch wird sie sich heben!”

- Friedrich von Schiller, Die Künstler
Über uns

Macbeth for Kids at the English TheatreMacbeth for Kids at the English Theatre On Saturday, 22nd April 2018 we (6e) presented our play ‘Macbeth for Kids’ at the English Theatre (James the Bar) for our parents and friends to watch. First, we met a friendly and also funny Irish theatre pedagogue. We did some warm-up exercises with him, tong twisters and such!After this we did one final run-through before our parents came, - it was pretty awful! But, luckily for us the performance was even the better for it. All parents were excited and we were really happy. After the play the parents prepared a little lunch for us kids.It was an amazing day!

<Ella, Lena, Marina and Theresa (6e)>